Buying a Business

Growing your Business by Acquisition

West Midlands Business Advisors

As you will only be too aware, growing a business year on year is hard work. There are always many exterior factors that influence your results and if you are not careful, you will be spending more and more time in the business rather than managing the structure and strategic direction.

One alternative you may wish to consider is buying another business; perhaps a business that has some synergies with yours. This route can certainly increase your profitability, and if you choose wisely you will make significant savings around the overhead structure of your business. Growing your business by acquisition can certainly deliver:

–  Increased profitability ratios.

–  Significantly quicker results when compared with organic growth

–  An excellent return on investment which can contribute significantly to your future exit plans

–  A stronger organisation with a lower risk profile.

West Midlands Business Advisors can help you with the acquisition of a business that meets your objectives.

What type of business are you looking for?

–  We can find opportunities that are on the market which meet your requirements.

–  We can find businesses that are not on the market.

–  We can talk confidentially to organisations in your supply chain that may want to sell.

Where do you need help?

Once we have identified a number of target acquisitions, we can guide you through an efficient buying process:

  • Evaluate the opportunities to determine their suitability.
  • Help you develop a value for the acquisition.
  • Develop a deal structure that minimises any risk to you.
  • Support you in discussions and negotiations with the seller. Help you with preparation of sale and Purchase Agreement.
  • Support you through due diligence and investigate and document the details that demonstrate the business is exactly as described to you by the seller.


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