Plan to Grow

Are you working hard to grow your business but frustrated by the lack of success – are you looking for inspiration?

If you are spending all of your time managing day to day issues but frustrated that performance (sales, new customer enquiries) are only improving slowly or not at all, it may be time for a change.

We are here to help you take charge of your destiny, grow your business and be fully rewarded for your efforts. Give us a call we will take you through a systematic process that will deliver results.

How we help

For any business, growth is key. To achieve this, a strong forward plan is essential and this should include an exit plan.

We are here to provide coaching and business improvement support, helping you achieve a clear strategic plan that ensures you are focusing on the key issues that determines the direction of your business.

Working with us to grow your business will give you a number of choices, ensuring that when the time is right you can exit on your own terms.

  • We have the skills, experience and resources to provide the necessary support you will need as your business grows over time
  • We will work closely with you to help you deliver your forward plan, coaching you every step of the way
  • Working with us, you will ensure every step of your growth plan considers financial implications. We can help you find the right solutions to help you accelerate improvements within your business
  • Our extensive knowledge, training and experience allows us to provide valuable advice when considering all aspects of growing a scalable business

Ways to grow your business

Our Growth Programme focuses on continual improvement; taking small steps to grow your business and increase its value:


  • Where is your business today
  • Do you have a forward plan?
  • Do you have an exit plan?
grow your business

Business Foundations

  • Goals – What are your goals for the business?
  • Financial Control – What does your financial history tell us and where should your financial focus be?
  • Efficiency – How efficient is your business? How much of your time is spent managing the business? What are the key numbers in your business that ensure you have the right information to make decisions for the future?
  • Customer Service – What level of customer service does your business deliver? Do you systematically deliver the products or services that your customers need?

Consistent Cash Flow

  • Price Competition – What are your margins? Do you discount?
  •  Marketing – How many leads are you generating? What
    is your conversion rate? What is your percentage of profitability?
  • Test and Measure – How effective are your marketing

    efforts? Where can you make improvements? Are you testing and measuring the
    impact of any decision you make in the business?

Systemising Your Business

  • Establishing your Vision, Mission and Culture Statements
  • Organisation – What are the roles and responsibilities of your team?
  • Measuring What’s Important – Developing and defining your KPIs.
  • Systemise – Developing and defining your Management Systems.

Your Team

  • Team Development – Grow and develop your team
  • Succession Plans – What are your plans for today and the future?
  • Strategic Thinking – Plan to Grow!

Scaling Your Business

  • Grow your business at multiple locations
  • Offer additional, similar products and services

Results and Options

Our Growth programme is designed to help you achieve your objectives, ensuring that the business is generating consistent profit and does not rely on you managing the day-to-day operations.

Business growth provides you with personal freedom and many options to exit on your own terms.

Grow your business – book some time with us now to discuss your plan and join our coaching programme