Business Coaching

Business Coaching

West Midlands Business Advisors

West Midlands Business Advisors believe coaching is at the core of how we help the business owner plan to grow. We will focus very strongly on developing a close productive working relationship, with very clear accountability from all sides. As well as being your trusted advisor, we can almost become your Non- Executive Director. We will help you on the journey ahead. We will advise you, the business owner, support your management team and try and ensure that you can achieve all of your objectives – whilst keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Goal Planning

West Midlands Business Advisors will assist the owner in goal planning and will ensure you are accountable to your plan. In addition to the 1:1 time built into your programme, we will always make time to discuss any thing that may crop up within your working day.

We will work with you to prioritise goals and strategies and will regularly review the business performance against your plan. In all likelihood, given our depth of experience,  we can probably relate your business situation to a similar challenge that we have faced in the past.

We will focus on motivating you to keep your commitments – for the plan to be successful you will need to be accountable for achieving agreed goals. To ensure we always have a clear picture of your progress to plan, we will help you develop simple metrics which will be reported and reviewed regularly.

We will help you convert your vision into strategies and actionable forward plans.

Plan to Grow. Exit on your own Terms.

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