Selling Your Business

West Midlands Business Advisors

Having a plan for selling your business is an important part of your exit plan, ensuring that when you are ready to leave your business, you can achieve the best possible sale price and exit on your own terms.

Business sale statistics tell you that it is not always easy to sell a business. We will help and guide you through every step until your business is sold. Throughout the business sale we will keep the process moving forward together professionally and successfully.

We strongly encourage a collaborative approach and will work closely with you to develop a sale plan and timeline, which we will monitor through all key milestones of the business sale process.

Our fee structure will always be transparent, our focus will always remain on increasing your profitability, increasing the value and selling price of your business.

How to Sell Your Business

No two business sales are the same, our aim is to achieve the best sale price for your business. To do this we will work with you to design a sale process bespoke to you. Our step-by-step approach will ensure we fully understand your business, and that throughout the process we are in a position to make the right decisions and promote your business to prospective buyers.

Business Analysis

We conduct a full business analysis to learn as much as possible about its operations, financial status, your place in the marketplace and the unique selling points of your business. This process helps understand the potential of your business, along with any work required to grow and strengthen the business ahead of sale.

Our target is to ensure that you walk away from the sale of your business with the best possible deal. To reach what we consider a fair market value that will cover any fees, we always consider the business valuation based upon your ambitions, the current market and a buyer’s viewpoint.

Your Exit Plan

We coach you through the creation of an exit plan that clearly defines agreed actions and timings. We provide the support you need to achieve these actions until the business is sale ready.

Your Business Sale Process

Our Selling Program takes you through each step of the Sale Process

  • Business Diagnosis.
  • What is your business worth?
  • What could it be worth if we made some improvements in your business which are attractive to buyers?
  • Exit planning and readiness for sale.
  • Understanding the difference between a Share sale and a trade and asset sale.
  • Review your situation with taxation specialists.
  • Confidentiality throughout the sale process
  • Developing a confidential advertisement, a company brochure/information memorandum
  • Advertising your business on the live market
  • Research and approach to prospective buyers who may be a good match.

Working with Prospective Buyers

We will manage all buyers confidentially and organise exchange of information to keep the process moving forward. We will ensure we get to know your prospective buyers and their individual circumstances to help you choose which buyer may be the ideal match with your business.


Negotiation is key to achieving the best possible price and terms for the sale of your business. We will support you throughout meetings with prospective buyers with a view to reaching an agreement that meets your requirements. We will document all principles and terms of any agreement reached.

Due Diligence and Closing

Once an agreement is reached, we will work with the buyer and you to achieve a smooth due diligence process. Following final negotiations, we are on hand to assist the completion and discussion of a preliminary Heads of Terms agreement ensuring that both parties are clear with respect to all key terms of  the sale and purchase agreement. We will be on hand to support the legal teams as required throughout discussions on warranties and the completion of the sale and purchase agreement.

Start to Finish Business Support

We are committed to helping you sell your business. We follow a clear support and coaching plan which is focused on completing the final sale in good time. We are the common link throughout the selling process, working with accountants, lawyers and other third parties involved in closing the deal.

We keep information and communication clear and simple as to ensure the process of selling your business remains as transparent as possible. We are on hand from the start of the process to the completion of the business sale and will be available to support you, the successful buyer and your network, helping you to achieve your forward plan.

Do you have a plan in place to sell your business?

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